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Zeeman 41 “Demo “

video of Zeeman 41 The Zeeman 41 can be sailed single or short-handed. Boat handling can be done from inside the cockpit, thanks to six well sized winches. The solid constructed cutter-rig of the Zeeman 41 with swept back spreaders and a jumper, will certainly appeal to the sea sailor.
Sailing in heavy weather on a rough sea, running backstays will give extra support to the cutter stay, keeping the rig firmly in place.
Safety comes first when you want to sail with a small crew to exotic and distant areas. The semi S-framed hull, and somewhat longer keel ensure seaworthy and friendly behaviour as well as excellent self-steering properties. The extreme well insulated boat will change your winter trip to the often cold Norwegian fjords in to a comfortable journey, as well as for long routes through the hot Caribbean waters.


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