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Solarcat 64 “New“

Swiss shipyard Nedship has teamed with Solarwave to create a new series of zero-emission solar yacht designs. After nutting out the concept and spending four years testing the technology, the very first Solarcat 62' model is now approaching completion. Solarcat 62' combines a carbon composite hull design from Nedship's Dr. Orhan Celikkol and Michael Köhler's Solar Energy system to create a luxurious 62-foot catamaran that's capable of operating with zero emissions.

According to the Nedship, the yacht can achieve unlimited range under normal circumstances, at a cruising speed equal to sailing cats. The SolarCat 64 will combine the luxury elements, coming from superyachts, and the new environmental friendly propulsion systems to a comfort level never seen before in the yacht market. At the roof of the SolarCat yachts, high-efficiency solar-panels of the latest generation are recharging the lightweight lithium-batteries.

The solar-panels produce more power than the household and the electric motors consume. So the batteries are being charged while driving the yacht.


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