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Expedition Offshore Motor Vessel “Crum“

Designed and constructed for extreme condition with transatlantic capacity according to Code Workboat and DNV standards and demands.
Crum was commissioned in 2010 with the intention to do research and adventure cruising in the Northwest Passage. Crum is prepared to coop with extreme tidal waters and she will beach or dry out on any sea floor. This opens unique possibilities to navigate in vast river systems. Crum takes 10 m3 in bunker, with a cruising speed of ten knots she will have more then 4000 Nm to go! Crum has eight watertight compartments and can if weather demands be shut down and proceed with snorkel facilities. Anti roll "Flumetank" will stabilize the boat in big seas and she will self righting if turned. Crum has for increased safety 2 main engines and two generators, three heating systems including floors. Crum will cruise with the maximum of six but ideally four-five crew/guests living and dining in- as well as out- doors. Crum offers the unknown to be discovered in splendid comfort and safety.


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