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Carnevali 180 “CECE 3“

Carnevali 180 Cece3 is the project that has been assigned to the prestigious Ceccarelli Yacht Design Studio which, with its long experience in water lines analysis, has created a cutting edge yacht, taking the shipyard of Carnevali directly into a new generation.

The result is a slender and aerodynamic 18 metres, with an audacious and fascinating external line.

This yacht has a comfortable and smooth sailing style, thanks to its deep V with variable deadrise and excellent volume arrangements. In fact, the Carnevali 180 balanced sailing is due to our decision to concentrate fuel and engines compartment in half boat, in order to have no difference both in half load and full load conditions.

Deck and deck house design are innovative and long lasting at the same time, and the balance between solids and voids gives the yacht an elegant and dynamic look. Wide, curved windows and portholes perfectly match the marine landscape.This yacht can easily be sailed by the owner himself, but if you need a crew without forgoing your privacy, a sailors cabin is placed astern, with two beds and en-suite bathroom.



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